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Browse our most used infographic sources

We’ve included a few examples below with links to the sources.

Use these to take ACTION: screen shot or save the infographics and share with a team group chat, email to families or save them for your own inspiration and information

Believe Perform

Believe Perform provides a wide range of infographics that focus on all areas of sport psychology, physical, and mental health.

“Infographics to help visualize how we can adapt, build resilience and perform better"


Visit the Believe Perform website to order paid infographics or visit their socials for FREE resources shared.

Science for Sport

The Coach Academy and Science for Sport is a comprehensive online library of sports performance content. They have an education section on their site with a collection of engaging and educational sports science infographics. Scroll to see examples.


Visit the Science for Sport website and socials for FREE infographics and resources

Adam Virgile

Adam Virgile's site provides engaging and detailed infographics of peer-reviewed research covering various topics, including training, health, nutrition, sports science, and athletic performance. Scroll to see examples.


FREE resources and information can be found on Adam’s website and socials.

ylm sport science

Yann Le Meur is a French sport scientist and provides a wide range of categories for infographics in sport. On his website and new App, the infographics are classified in 8 main categories (New, Training, Nutrition, Competition, Recovery, Injury, Youth and Health). A search engine listing more than 130 items will also help the user to identify the infographics addressing her/his areas of interest.


FREE resources and information can be found on the YLM Sports website and socials.

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